TrygFonden and Respect for water - in English

The danish foundation TrygFonden works to make Denmark a safer place to be. Our mission is to inspire everyone in Denmark to take responsibility for their own safety as well as that of others.

Our efforts are non-profit and our core areas include safety, health and well being. 

We support action-oriented, knowledge-based projects that contribute to an increased sense of safety locally and nationally. These projects range widely, from first aid courses over nationwide projects involving professionally competent collaborators to large-scale research projects. 

In 2017, TrygFonden distributed DKK 600 million between hundreds of projects. For instance, TrygFonden, in Collaboration with the Danish Swimming Federation, manages TrygFonden Surf Lifesaving. This organisation employs 180 specially trained surf lifeguards who increase beach safety along the Danish coasts. 

TrygFonden also collaborates with the Danish Council for Traffic Safety (Rådet for Sikker Trafik) on an ambitious road safety project using teaching, training, information and safety campaigns to train children and young people to become better road users.

TrygFonden gives priority to projects that 

  • relate to the everyday lives of Danes 
  • ensure long-range solutions 
  • are based on thorough research and documentation 
  • involve professionally qualified partners 

TrygFonden is part of TryghedsGruppen, a company whose purpose is to generate greater safety through investments, including investments in non-profit activities.